Trout Lilies 2010, Part I

aka Dog Tooth Violet (This for Mary G).

This trout lily is probably about three or four years old.

Around here, the very first of the trout lily leaves are appearing.

Look for them at the base of large tree trunks, between exposed roots, on sun-facing southern slopes. The microclimate there is just warm enough to give them a head start. They will look like tightly furled brown spears poking their way through the soil at first. On my birthday, I found several. I can’t wait to get back out this weekend and see how they’ve grown.

This was taken about a week before the other one, just as they were beginning to grow

3 thoughts on “Trout Lilies 2010, Part I

  1. Lovely! I figure we are about a week behind you. But everything seems to be a bit early this year – no frost in the ground and an open winter.

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