New Neighbours

And how often do you suppose this happened in Toronto?

fawn near Dundas Valley Conservation Area

Just hanging out on the path near the local park along with mom and a few aunts. They might be skittish, but they’re not at all afraid of humans.


As you can see.

Beautiful, aren’t they?

However, I am once again disappointed in my fellow humans, many of whom were running or cycling through in groups and somehow failed to notice the large herbivores on the paths directly in front of them. Talk about your invisible gorillas. If you just open your eyes and pay attention, there is always something worth seeing.

One thought on “New Neighbours

  1. Hello neighbour,

    When we used to get out more often for hikes, we loved to go to Dundas Valley. Lovely shots you’ve got there. I used to also get pissed at folks for never looking UP. It’s amazing how many folk don’t know they’ve got hawks flying overhead all the time.

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