Let’s get our kids outside.

Let’s get our kids outside.

A coalition of Ontario organizations, including the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Ministry of Natural Resources, and Ontario’s Back to Nature Network, are creating a Charter of Rights for Ontario children’s access to and experiences in nature. This Charter (similar to documents in other jurisdictions–see the Children and Nature Network in the US, or Children and Nature Alliance federally in Canada) is based on Richard Louv‘s work, documenting how children are spending ever less time in the outdoors, with consequent harm to their physical and psychological development.  

It took me about five minutes to fill out the Charter survey at the link, and you can bet I’ll be getting Frances to fill out the kid version this weekend. This is a great opportunity to participate in something really wonderful, and make the future a little friendlier for nature and for our kids. 

4 thoughts on “Let’s get our kids outside.

    1. I have checked it out, I am really enjoying it. 🙂

      It is exciting! It’s so good to see this becoming more of a mainstream issue. I hope to see the day where this is picked up by our school boards and they just assume that kids need to directly see and experience the world they are learning about, including nature and ecology.

      1. Thanks! Again, sorry about that, I should have checked first.

        My son went on one field trip last year….to the dump. I interviewed a lot of teachers for my work and found they are rarely doing any field trips and the barriers are getting ridiculous. Nature centre trips are done by some sort of lottery in our area.

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