Dragon Central (part I)

Frances does like to sew, but her first love is clay; and if, at any point, you see her working with clay, she’s probably making a dragon.

bloggish-8Apparently there is a book for younger kids that became the basis for a whole series of books for older kids in which a lady and her daughter make dragons out of clay, do some kind of magic using a Christmas snowball, and the dragon comes alive–but only people who really believe can see them. So she’s been building up her dragon collection, and this Christmas she made her snowball; no luck yet with the dragons coming alive, but as I am not yet allowed to throw out the snowball, I don’t think she’s quite given up hope.

Anyway. Frances has asked me to share her dragons with my friends, which, as I am always looking for excuses to talk about Frances, is fine by me. I hope you like these adorable dragons as much as I do, because believe me I have more to share. “And tell them that if they like them, I’d be happy to make them one too,” she said. For a Girl Guides badge right now she is drawing up a business plan for a little stall named Dragon Central, selling homemade clay dragons, so she might even mean it.

Above we have Fireball (left) and Danielle (right). Fireball is a fire dragon, and Danielle is a Security dragon (hence the fancy collar and badge, and the clay hat in the foreground which has a little camera hidden inside). Neither are for sale, I am sure, since these two are Frances’s favourite homemade dragons ever.

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