party animal

In December of last year, I had an over-active thyroid.

In March of this year, I have an under-active thyroid.

Go figure. According to the endo, there is a type of thyroid infection where it goes into hyperdrive for a while, completely drains itself, boomerangs low, and then rebounds to a normal level, and I am now in the tail end of this process. I don’t quite follow the details–I’m going to blame this on a hypothyroid-induced mental fog–but whatever. I’m too tired to care. I thought it was the hyperthyroid thing continuing or recurring, but apparently not.

I’m going to blame the whole mess on stress. It’s a stress mess.

I am now just under the normal range, so I can expect to start feeling better soon. As in, maybe I can sleep for 8 hours and wake up feeling rested, without my hands shaking.

On Monday, I turn 39; what’s more, Frances is with her Dad all weekend. If you think I’m planning an exciting and fun-filled Saturday and Sunday, you are exactly right; if you are thinking that exciting and fun-filled means being someplace other than my living room, you are maybe partially right. My favourite local fabric store has exciting! new! fabrics! in stock, and even though my stash is getting embarrassing, I cannot pass up exciting! new! fabrics! Also, it is my birthday, and I need to buy books. It’s a law, I believe: Thou Shalt Buy a Book on thy Birthday or Face the Wrath of the Bookseller. Or maybe that was just the fine print on the Chapters membership application. I forget.

I duly obliged with a bookstore visit yesterday, and three books, one of which is for Frances so doesn’t really count. But I might read it first.

I am also going to scour fabrics as part of my natural dyeing adventures. Scouring is basically boiling fabric with some heavy-duty detergents to get rid of whatever natural oils or pectins they have, so they will better accept dyes. I started with the linen last night–fresh, beautiful, never-used, brand-new linen–and the water turned as brown as dark tea. It was pretty revolting, but made a good case for the importance of scouring.

So there’s the bookstore, and the fabric store and maybe, if I’m feeling crazy, the tea store; there’s a haircut tomorrow; and also my basement for fabric scouring. There’s the short ribs in red wine & cinnamon curry I want to make for dinner on Saturday, in the kitchen. Plus sleep. Otherwise I will be in my living room, sewing. I want to finish my Meringue skirt and Jasmine blouse, and have them all ready to go for when the weather isn’t atrocious; I want to dig into Frances’s rain jacket; and I want to do some of my Farmers’ Wife Quiltalong squares. I also want to sew up a bunch of other things and add to the Someday Shelf, but this is unlikely, even with a slightly-more-cooperative thyroid.

If I emerge from my house on Monday pale, raccoon-eyed and covered in bits of thread, you’ll know why.

8 thoughts on “party animal

  1. Sounds like an amazingly busy and productive weekend. A nice way to party really, for someone who is on a thyroid-rebound and energy is at a low ebb at times. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    We are being treated to a huge snow storm today – 15cm or more – and strong winds blowing the white stuff around. A good day to hibernate under a blanket with a good book.
    My BD is on Tuesday, and we will celebrate by meeting for a family dinner tonight – if we can dig ourselves out by then – and hilarity will ensue I am sure. The kids do love a BD party….and so do I.
    I hope your BD weekend is just what you want it to be, and the year to follow is the best yet.
    Love and hugs. S

  2. Happy birthday! and, what books? I agree that a new book doth a birthday make. And next week I have to hunker down with my machine and make a set of new curtains. This involves much floor crawling, but since we have four inches of new white packy snow outside, the floor looks relatively inviting.

    1. Thank you!

      I bought Annihilation (for me) and Seraphina (for Frances and me to share). And a book of essays on meditation, for that whole dealing-with-stress thing.

      Sewing curtains is just about the most tedious thing ever, isn’t it? So many very very long very very straight seams. But they look so nice when they’re done.

  3. Oh the stress mess. If I lived closer I would hang with you and we could be a team of eye-bags, with bits of thread (throw in some paint splats), and you know – it wouldn’t be so weird. I hope you ended up having a great weekend. šŸ™‚

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