Me-Made 2014, Week 3


Day 15

April showers brought May showers, which will likely bring June showers, and lead to a desperate need to mow the lawn and precious few opportunities to do so. And it’s still not that warm here. So I gave in and wore the same handmade pants I’ve worn and shown you twice already. How fun!

Day 16

Still wet, still cold. Jeans with my Liberty Jasmine shirt.

The positive thing about the repeats is that I feel no selfie-pressure. I’ll wait until I sew up something new, lucky you!

Day 17, 18 & 19

Holiday weekend=homemade pajamas. Also, a new shirt (or wearable muslin, anyway) and a purse-rescue-in-progress, but no pictures.

Day 20

I am ashamed to say, that I didn’t even try. I was so tired that I just went for whatever was easiest. I did have my leather bag with me, so there is my me-made, but everything I wore was RTW.

Day 21

mmay-8-5Or, the Day Wherein I Redeem Myself

I wore a new shirt! Just made on the weekend, a wearable muslin of cheap polyester of the shirt from Vogue 8963. From the front, a fairly simple woven tee with flutter sleeves and gathers on the neckline, and from the back, a very cool sleeve detail and the lovely hemline created by four back pattern pieces. So fun. It mostly fits, but I’ll do a bit of an FBA for the nice-fabric version.

It was so easy, too. Just about four hours from cutting-out to trying-on. That may sound like a lot–and it’s more than a simpler t-shirt pattern would have been–but in comparison to a button-up with plackets and cuffs, it’s nothing. And it is so much fun to wear, comfortable and flattering and not-at-all-homemadeish.

mmay-6-4Though I should note that the shirt is supposed to have a lining and this is important for the finishing of the neckline and armholes. I was able to work around this (I didn’t want to use nice lining material on a cheap wearable muslin) but it does tug a bit at the gathers as a result. But overall it is cute and I can wear it to work. Hurray!

2 thoughts on “Me-Made 2014, Week 3

  1. Pretty! And four hours is excellent. Probably less time than going to a store and trying it on and you get a far better fit your way.

    1. This one in particular could fit better; it’s not quite big enough around the bust. But that’s what the wearable muslin is for, after all. And it’s fixable for the next one.

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