Me-Made 2014: Week 4 + The End

We’re all getting bored of this, aren’t we? Or is it just me? I’m getting really, really bored with it. Hey, I’m wearing stuff I made myself! … again! It’s, uh, the same stuff I wore last week!

So I’m going to add the last few May days into Week 4 and only torture you (and myself) with this one last post.

Day 22: Wool-silk Chardon (repeat)

Day 23: Liberty lawn Jasmine (repeat)

Day 24 & 25: Pajamas and housecoat! Exciting. (also repeat)

Day 26 & 27: Work bag! But–Frances wore her two batwing t-shirts to school Monday and Tuesday, so I think that counts for something. I may have to make her another one, she loves them so much.

Day 28: The pink flutter-sleeved Vogue shirt from last week.

Day 29: The linen-silk sheath dress of doom.

Day 30: I actually forgot. This is how bored I am with it by this point. Just let me sew and stop policing my wardrobe! I mean … at least I have my handmade leather workbag.

Day 31: My purple Moneta, to a work shindig in Stratford.

THE END. And good riddance.

5 thoughts on “Me-Made 2014: Week 4 + The End

  1. I certainly wasn’t as diligent as you, but I did think about wearing something I made every day…rings, earrings, necklaces, ankle bracelets. It will be fun to show you some of the creations when you come for a visit in August.

  2. ha, I definitely share this sentiment in terms of recording and thinking through every single outfit. But I have to say, I loved seeing what everyone else wore! 🙂

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