it’s (practically) august!


I swore off fabric purchases until August.

And we’ll just leave it there.



OK. I bought fabric.

But not very much. It might not have been a fast, but it was certainly a diet.

I bought lightweight denim and blue viscose (not yet blogged) for shorts. On sale, 50% off. I’ve got enough left over to make shorts for Frances, too.

I bought a few metres of a gorgeous white and an off-white floral silk-cotton blend that was soft and beautiful and 50% off.

I bought a metre of the brown-eyed susan print I was talking about before. Because it was almost sold out.

And I bought a fat quarter of a bright red print for a quilt I’m planning.

I’ve already used the first two. The white silk-cotton I think will be dandy as an embroidered blouse, and I have a test square all set up for embroidering to see what works. No idea what I will do with the brown-eyed susan print. But it’s the only stash fabric–and I sewed up almost everything I had in my to-sew pile, except for a lovely silk charmeuse that I really need to plan out and muslin the hell out of first, and a great bamboo jersey that was going to be a Moneta, but I am being indecisive and now maybe it will be an Emily t-shirt plus something else.

Now it is August. (Almost.)

I can go shopping! For fabric. Fall fabric. Is fall fabric in the stores yet?

I feel like I should be saying something meaningful about What I Have Learned from the fabric shopping ban(-lite). What I mostly learned is that I bought too much fabric in April, because it’s still not all sewed up and I’ve been working through projects at a pretty fair clip.

We’ll see if this is something I remember next time I am on Queen West, drooling over bolts of clothing-to-be: there will be something beautiful to buy later when you have a project in hand. It is not necessary to buy All The Fabric now because it’s there and you don’t know if you will see it again. They make more!

Probably Saturday, Dear Readers. On Saturday I will put my newfound wisdom to the test.

5 thoughts on “it’s (practically) august!

  1. The cooler weather is making me think fall too. We really did not get full summer this year. Kudos for holding off as long as you did!

    1. It’s not so much the weather as the realization that having clothes ready for fall, when you sew, takes some lead time. And I’d better get cracking–especially for any back to school stuff for Frances. It’s only a month away!

      I loved the cooler weather and my lawn loved the rain, so I won’t complain about that. 🙂

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