Another StyleArc Jasmine pair of pants: more pajamas for work

I have so many pieces cut out for so many projects … but instead I made myself another pair of Jasmine pants. Why?

Because I love the first ones I made. Super comfortable. Wearable and works for work.

Because also the first ones I made are red.

I love red. Red is a good colour. But when you realize, in front of the closet in the morning, that most of your shirts are red and pink and nearly all of your shoes are … well. Those extremely comfortable red pants become a little bit less easy. I have some shirts in the works that can be worn with red pants, but the red shoes are a bit more of a trick, and I would frankly rather sew up more pants than go shoe shopping.

No, I never did watch Sex and the City. Why do you ask?

Super shiny bemberg lining!
Super shiny bemberg lining! So shiny that you can’t actually see the colour of the pants. Fun! But still. It’s a nice fly. Right?

Anyway, so I made another pair in a camel colour. I made one–and just one–modification: extended the rise from hip to waist by 1.5″. Everything else was the same (including the fly pieces, which, woops. I had to re-cut them out while I was sewing them together because I forgot that, of course, they would need to be extended too). I suppose making a facing for the pocket from the pants fabric and assembling the pockets from bemberg lining scraps might be considered a modification, but every other pattern piece was used as it was before.

The clouds parted and the angels sang, Dear Readers, when I tried them on.

Here is me, climbing the corporate ladder in my snazzy new pants.
Here is me, climbing the corporate ladder in my snazzy new pants. Also: I match the wall! 

They go up to my waist, and there is plenty of room at the hips and in the rear. They were almost a perfect length; I hemmed them by 2″ instead of 1″. The waist is more comfortable now that it is at my actual waist, instead of at my hips.

I’m a little unhappy with the topstitching on the crotch seam; I used the lightning stitch and it caused the fabric to bubble slightly at the back. (I always top-stitch crotch seams when I use my serger to prevent the dreaded grin-through, even when I use matching thread.) One of the pocket facings likewise is less than perfectly flat. And the fly could have been a little neater, though you can’t tell from the outside. Also, given that it’s now at my waist, it could stand to be taken in by maybe 1/2″ all the way around; it’s a smidge on the loose side. Actually, it’s  a bit too loose after a day of wear, so I may take them apart at the side waists and snug them in a bit.

Short ladder, meet non-glass ceiling. Guess I'm not climbing any higher.
Short ladder, meet non-glass ceiling. Guess I’m not climbing any higher.

Otherwise, these are just about the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn. I can (and have) scrunch myself into a little ball without feeling constricted in the slightest. I could do the splits, if I were capable of doing the splits. And all the while in a pair of pants that look for all the world like a pair of well-fitted khakhi business casual pants.

And now I’ve got enough comfy business casual pants to get me through almost an entire workweek. Hurrah!

If you can't beat 'em, sit down and have a cup of tea, I always say.
If you can’t beat ’em, sit down and have a cup of tea, I always say.


Today’s photos riffing on She of the Smiling Ladder Climb

Can’t help but notice she has a nice tall ladder and no ceiling. Also, she is climbing a ladder in a pencil skirt and heels. Aren’t there workplace health and safety regs against that kind of thing?

Anyway. I tried for the white background but my dinky little house was not having any of it, in terms of finding a wall I could cover with a sheet or something. So you get to see my basement instead.

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