Me Made May, 2015

The Me Made May challenge is a bit controversial in sewing circles (or at least, the ones I travel in), but I enjoyed doing it last year so I’m signing up again. Last year it clarified for me that I really needed pants and shorts, not more skirts; and filling those gaps in the handmade wardrobe was very, very handy. This year, I want to focus on those days when I end up not wearing anything handmade (except for the work bag). Why is that? What is it on those days that causes me to reach for the store-bought? Is it that the handmade in the closet isn’t comfy? doesn’t match? is too dressed up, or not dressy enough? Are there particular kinds of garments I haven’t sewn enough of to get through a laundry cycle without them?

That’s the goal.

Here’s the statement I left on So, Zo’s blog:

I, Andrea, will wear handmade clothes every day for the duration of May, 2015.

That leaves some space for using OTR as part of an outfit if and when I need to, but will certainly make the whole thing more challenging.

I’ll try to keep outfit posts on Instagram and/or Flickr, but you’ll see round-up posts here occasionally. I’m going to try to have more fun with the photos too. And of course some of you may want to stock up your liquor cabinet–you know who you are.

8 thoughts on “Me Made May, 2015

  1. Ambitious! I was demanding accolades for moving all of the buttons on a
    J Crew dress I bought in another size (in my defence, it was a wool and silk blend that would run if I messed up.) A
    month of “me made” sounds exhausting but I know you enjoy the process. Looking forward to it!

    1. For the sake of our friendship, I’m going to pretend you didn’t just tell me that you altered a dress by moving the buttons. lol But yes, wool-silk blends are finicky, and I’m sure it looks great.

  2. Controversial! Do tell! I think I’m going to sit this one out but I’ve gotten a lot out of my past 4 years participating. And I’m psyched for you upping your photo fun..!

    1. Oh, you know–it takes over their blog feeds for a month, there’s a million billion pictures of people every day in outfits they’ve already worn and shown pictures of, doesn’t everyone already make the clothes they wear or what’s the point? etc. But I enjoy it and am still getting something useful out of it, so tough. πŸ™‚

      1. Ahahah – thank you for reminding me about the “dark” side of MMM! I forget about that side of it every year, but I love it, really. I did shift from daily posts to weekly round-up posts last year – I think IG really changed how most people participate. I’d rather see a nice bright clear pic than a cellphone selfie in a dimly lit room though… but I’ve got piles of junk in the way of my usual photo spot, so I guess i’d better get cleaning!

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