V8747: Encore

This is take two of a shirt I made last summer, with only minor changes:

I took the pictures for last year’s shirt in the same spot, too–go figure. And I apologize for the lack of eye contact in these photos. Every shot where I was looking at the camera was either badly out of focus or I looked like someone had been trying to poke my eyes out with a stick.

1. Made out of pink cotton voile, mostly to match and be worn with the border print skirt, but also wearable with other things.

2. Added 1/8″ on the seams width-wise to make it a bit less snug. Worked like a charm.

Sleeves! Blurry sleeves. My camera was determined to take pictures of the trees behind me instead of me. I’m trying not to take it personally.


3. Changed the sleeves. At first I thought maybe smocking, but with the gathers on the front, I thought it would be best to remain consistent and use gathers on the sleeves too. So I drafted a fairly snug cuff in the same dimensions as the front button band, cut and spread the sleeve to make gathers the same width and density as the front gathers, and added a smidge to the height of the sleeve cap to give it a nice bit of puff up top.

The Back.

The only thing I might change for next time is to take some of the length on the front out above the bust, instead of between the bust and the waist. It’s the right length but I think the gathers are just a bit too low for my taste, and I wonder if that would help the neckline stay put (it likes to drift wide). But it’s a pretty minor thing.

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