Objects are less pregnant than they appear: Burda 5/17 Top #110

This was actually meant to be a test top; I wanted to make this pattern in the Mariner Cloth with the stripes going different directions. But I wanted to try first with something a bit less expensive, so this swiss dot cotton voile–again on sale from Fabricland. It’s super soft and I love it.

The Front

Generally the pattern went together well. I did a 2″ FBA on each side, leaving the giant side dart alone and removing the waist dart from the side seam to keep the proportions approximately the same. White cotton voile bias strips were used to finish the neck and armscyes.

I moved the ties down about 1″ as it was a bit too empire at the original position, and I probably could move it down a bit more. And I think the FBA lengthened the front a little too much; I might take some of that length out if I make this again.

Overall I love the shirt. It’s soft and cool and comfortable and extremely comfortable. But there’s no getting around that it makes a bit of a baby-less baby bump on the front that I’m not super keen about, and which would probably be more pronounced in any stiffer fabric. So it wouldn’t work for the Mariner Cloth. Sigh.

The Side, and The Problem. I am not pregnant.

The princess seams in the back and the side seams are all perfect; the thread loop and button closure at the back neckline worked out well, though I don’t think it’s strictly necessary. I never bother to undo it when I’m putting it on.

It’s a good pattern that went together well and I love the colours and how well they match everything, but choosing a fabric with lots of drape is essential to heading off any baby bump issues.

Sizing Note

This is my standard Burda 38 with a 2″ FBA on each side. I left the side darts in, and rotated the waist darts out of the side to reduce excess volume. And good thing, considering there was plenty of volume regardless!

7 thoughts on “Objects are less pregnant than they appear: Burda 5/17 Top #110

  1. I actually choked when I saw the title pop up in my reader! LOL!!!!!!

    I don’t think it creates a baby-less bump at all!! And the print is fantastic! Beautiful work here!!

    (oh, those of us in the large-headed camp may want to consider that with the back opening. I definitely need to unbutton it to get mine on and off!)

    1. lol. Maybe it’s just my perspective on myself in the mirror. I love the shirt and I wear it a lot and every time, I think, this is a great first-semester maternity top. But thank you. 🙂

      And thank you for the note on the back button! That is important to know.

  2. Andrea- I don’t see any bump– if anything I see negative space filled with ruffled, flowered fabric. I think it’s a beautiful top on you. It’s amazing how critical we are of our bodies and our makes. Wear this top with pride!

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