Farmer Frances visits Forsythe, May 2009 edition

These pictures aren’t mine, so don’t steal them. I’ve read that a farmer is just corn’s way of propogating itself, which is a fun inversion of the way we usually think about corn. In which case, what is the relationship between a farmer and a goat? Or between the goat and Frances, as the caseContinue reading “Farmer Frances visits Forsythe, May 2009 edition”

Alan Dugan: On the Liquidation of Zoology

We put the mountains in the valleys, the oceans in the deserts, and paved the world flat. The botanical trash was burned, and life put in its place: zoos. In this way we cleaned up in honor of the flat out continuity of the green glass sea and walked on it like Christ in horrorContinue reading “Alan Dugan: On the Liquidation of Zoology”

Pop Quiz: how being connected to nature makes us happy

Want to have an easier time acting on environmental issues? Find a(nother) source of meaning or purpose? Be happier? There’s one simple thing you can do to achieve all three: go for a walk. Mayer and McPherson Frantz of Oberlin College developed a fourteen-question Connectedness With Nature scale that measures whether someone believes that theyContinue reading “Pop Quiz: how being connected to nature makes us happy”

Talking trees, extended metaphors and "The World at Gunpoint"

I have a love/hate relationship with Derrick Jensen. The first volume of his Endgame books has been sitting, half-read, on my environment bookshelf for years while I try to get up the stomach to finish it. Is it terrible? Yes. But not in the way you might think. It’s ninety per cent brilliant and insightful,Continue reading “Talking trees, extended metaphors and "The World at Gunpoint"”

Green is the New Holy

Many, many years ago my Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian were talking to my parents about their experiences with environmentalism within their conservative Christian church. The specifics of that conversation have been long lost to the mists of time, but my Aunt’s frustration as she spoke of her church is still clear. “I try toContinue reading “Green is the New Holy”

Facebook for the Greater Good

Paul Hawken is one of those people who does everything. He writes books that change the definition of sustainable business. He founds institutes on environmental issues and businesses to try out his theories. He tours the world speaking to people about his successes and failures. He collects a couple thousand business cards from people workingContinue reading “Facebook for the Greater Good”