The Geography of Hope

The Geography of Hope had an odd genesis: writer Chris Turner, contemplating his daughter’s future in Canada’s oil capital of Calgary, was driven to find some reason to believe that her life would not be defined by climatic cataclysm. I think I could teach her to face war, poverty, famine–human problems with practicible solutions, howeverContinue reading “The Geography of Hope”


As it turns out, the friendly suggestion of emailing so-and-so for directions was less of a friendly suggestion and more of a base requirement, which makes me wonder why the directions weren’t just included with the volunteer package. In any case, we got to the right address at what I thought was the right timeContinue reading “Chickadee-dee-dee”

Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health

I have been over-researching an article on wind energy that will supposedly be published soon, though I have yet to hear back on the edits. It’s a problem of mine, this need to make every argument impervious to nuclear attack, as if it is possible to construct an argument that will convince everyone–especially in 1,200Continue reading “Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health”

Where the "wild" things are

photo credit: Ontario Parks website According to a story in today’s Globe and Mail, residents near Algonquin Park are fighting the Ontario government’s decision to try to site a wind farm nearby. Why? Because wild areas should be preserved in all their unspoiled glory. Brent Peterson, a cottager who speaks for 45 families with propertyContinue reading “Where the "wild" things are”