42 Revisited (or, what parents owe their children in an era of environmental collapse, part I)

On Twitter recently the Toronto Star asked people to define the meaning of life. Sure, why not: an endeavour that has eluded philosophers for 10,000 years can be collated from the 140-character submissions of the general public. Not surprisingly, no one agreed. The meaning of life is to love people. To be good. To doContinue reading “42 Revisited (or, what parents owe their children in an era of environmental collapse, part I)”

April is the cruelest month (but it has butterflies)

Or will be, at any rate: I may have over-committed myself. I have a couple of book reviews and a post about Horton Hears a Who in the works, but they’re going to take more than five minutes to get up–so–in the meantime, here is another harbinger of spring: the Mourning Cloak butterfly. Mourning CloaksContinue reading “April is the cruelest month (but it has butterflies)”

Never turn your back on Mother Earth*

Take a look at what the snow melt this year did to the streambank protection on Newtonbrook Creek. Ouch. In case you can’t tell from the picture, the creek flooded and wiped out the gabion baskets on the far bank, digging a new channel, turning the gabion baskets into an island and carving a newContinue reading “Never turn your back on Mother Earth*”

Poor Coyotl's all played out

On Wednesday, Frances and I went shopping for a new pair of spring pyjamas, in the course of which we naturally found a lovely new spring dress and a matching pair of spring shoes; we were heading home on the 401 when, out the right-hand passenger window, I saw something well-camoflauged loping along the sideContinue reading “Poor Coyotl's all played out”