What is a 'navigable waterway'?

Peter Gorrie wrote an article in Sunday’s Toronto Star criticizing the Harper government for rolling back “key” environmental protections by sneaking them into the budget bill. I need to be about as circumspect as possible when writing about this issue, because for over five years I worked in an office dedicated largely to completing environmentalContinue reading “What is a 'navigable waterway'?”

The Green Energy Act, Part 1

It’s no secret that Germany is the envy of climate change activists worldwide for its progressive energy policies; what may be a secret to you is what, exactly, those progressive energy policies are. It’s simple: their Renewable Energy Sources Act makes it easy for individuals, communities and corporations to get approvals to build green energyContinue reading “The Green Energy Act, Part 1”

The finer points of Environmental Assessment in Ontario

Recently, I read on a blog about Toronto Hydro’s proposed anemometer project the following statement: “Here is another fun piece of trivia: How many full environmental assessments have actually been done before wind turbine projects have been built in Ontario? HINT: There have been 17 wind projects. Answer? Are you sure you want it? HereContinue reading “The finer points of Environmental Assessment in Ontario”

The Geography of Hope

The Geography of Hope had an odd genesis: writer Chris Turner, contemplating his daughter’s future in Canada’s oil capital of Calgary, was driven to find some reason to believe that her life would not be defined by climatic cataclysm. I think I could teach her to face war, poverty, famine–human problems with practicible solutions, howeverContinue reading “The Geography of Hope”


As it turns out, the friendly suggestion of emailing so-and-so for directions was less of a friendly suggestion and more of a base requirement, which makes me wonder why the directions weren’t just included with the volunteer package. In any case, we got to the right address at what I thought was the right timeContinue reading “Chickadee-dee-dee”