“Winter” Skirt: Burda 1/18 Skirt #121

I’m not sure what about this pattern makes it particularly winter-ish, but so Burda has named it, and I won’t quibble. Regardless, in linen, the Winter Skirt is very summer-appropriate. Thanks to Dressmaking Debacles for her recent inspiration. Her version was so lovely, and seemed destined to be made up in this fabric. (It mightContinue reading ““Winter” Skirt: Burda 1/18 Skirt #121″

The Hoard Metamorphoses

On the plus side, the fabric-shopping limitation I proposed in The Hoard lo these many years past has achieved its first goal: the fabric stash fits in the one closet, with a few manageable exceptions. On the down side, rather than achieving this by buying less fabric, I’ve mostly just sewn faster, transferring the HoardContinue reading “The Hoard Metamorphoses”

My first casual jacket: Burda mag 4/17 jacket #114

Friends, this constitutes the second of two actual completed projects on my 2018 Make Nine list. A floral bomber! This started, as it so often does, from the fabric purchase: the shell is a linen/cotton blend bought at Fabricland at 50% off for a jacket. I got 1.5m and spent at least a month tryingContinue reading “My first casual jacket: Burda mag 4/17 jacket #114”

Fruity: Burda 6468

One of the advantages of always buying fabrics in super bright colours and prints is that eventually, they start matching each other. Case in point: I bought this fabric at Needlework as an impulse purchase because a beefy cotton jersey in super bright fruit prints was irresistible,¬†and when I got it home I discovered IContinue reading “Fruity: Burda 6468”

Pink Avalanche #5, in which I hate slash hip pockets

There are two things I’ve been trying for a few years now to add to my work wardrobe: yellow pants and pale pink pants. Something like these: The yellow ones haven’t happened because I wasn’t able to find a bottom-weight fabric in a shade of yellow I like, but I finally did recently and hopeContinue reading “Pink Avalanche #5, in which I hate slash hip pockets”

Simplicity 8606: Poppies Everywhere

Behold the third Make 9 2018 project of the year. Yes, so I have six to go, but honestly I didn’t think I’d stick to it even this much. They’re being posted out of order–I can’t keep track–but there are two more to come in the next month or so. Long drapey wrap skirt. ItContinue reading “Simplicity 8606: Poppies Everywhere”

A Murphy’s Law Project (Burda 3/16 Skirt 101 Take 2)

You know how sometimes you have a sewing project in which every mistake that you can make, you do? Dear Readers, this poor skirt. I tortured this fabric to within an inch of its selvedge. That it exists now as a skirt is testament mostly to my stubbornness. I bought this (mariner cloth? This isContinue reading “A Murphy’s Law Project (Burda 3/16 Skirt 101 Take 2)”

Burda 6431: an actual completed 2018 Make Nine project

Back in my ignorant youth, I would roundly ignore the ends tables at Fabricland. Why would I bother? I wondered. Clearly the ends table was where they stuck all the crap they hadn’t been able to sell previously, and it would be ugly and awful. I can’t remember how it happened, but one day IContinue reading “Burda 6431: an actual completed 2018 Make Nine project”

KnipMode December 2017, Dress 6: Shiny and Summery (also not pink)

(Brief aside for Blogspot friends & readers: Please don’t ask me why, I am not a computer person–all appearances to the contrary–but blogger is going through another phase where I can’t use my wordpress ID to comment on posts. When I try, it tells me that it “couldn’t connect to my blogspot ID”–which of course,Continue reading “KnipMode December 2017, Dress 6: Shiny and Summery (also not pink)”

McCalls 6886: Behind-the-times edition

  Everyone else who has ever sewed a dress has already made up this pattern. And it’s easy to see why, seeing as the sleeveless version is two pieces, no darts. It doesn’t get much simpler. This fabric is a thick poly jersey (not quite scuba-weight, but much heavier than usual) with a very largeContinue reading “McCalls 6886: Behind-the-times edition”