The Age of Angry Women

I’ve been keeping journals since elementary school, and they are, generally, what you would expect from journals: hard-back notebooks filled with lined pages covered in a not always legible scrawl of to do lists, New Year’s Resolutions, goals I had or things I wanted to try, quandaries I was trying to work through, and ofContinue reading “The Age of Angry Women”

It’s like this

Your daughter wants to sign up for a fun neighbourhood activity. She has a disability–she’s scared about how people will respond to it. Respond to her. If they’ll point or stare (it happens). If they’ll ask her rude questions (it happens). If they’ll act like she doesn’t belong there, like she’s lying about it, makingContinue reading “It’s like this”

It’s International Women’s Day, and I don’t feel like celebrating

I did wear red. Moreover, it’s handmade red. Coming soon to a blog post near you. I made some¬†small donations ¬†(Oxfam Canada, for their recent report card, and the Canadian Women’s Foundation). I wrote a few emails to politicians. I shopped at women-owned local businesses. But otherwise: Not so much. If I’m going to feedContinue reading “It’s International Women’s Day, and I don’t feel like celebrating”

I. Am. So. Sorry.

As we all know, 2016 sucked. Jesus Christ what a terrible year. From the never-ending stream of celebrity deaths (and not the awful ones! What? Why?) to the terrible environmental news and the disastrous American election and Brexit and Syria various global catastrophes to the smaller and more personal crises of harassment, Frances’s health issues,Continue reading “I. Am. So. Sorry.”

Moneta Again (Dancing Dress Part 3)

Cool printed fabrics are hard to pass up, for two reasons. One: they are cool. That border print–right? When am I going to see that again? And now this very large floral repeat. In a lovely, beautifully soft and cool bamboo jersey. Two: Because simple patterns show off fussy fabrics best, making them up isContinue reading “Moneta Again (Dancing Dress Part 3)”

Positive Self-Talk Via Cross-Stitch, Hurrah!

I read a number of years ago in Snoop that motivational posters are essentially a form of self-talk, and one of the most reliable external indicators of a neurotic temperament. Science. Gotta love it. Apparently people buy them, not to communicate to other people their commitment to Excellence or Overcoming Fear or Success, but toContinue reading “Positive Self-Talk Via Cross-Stitch, Hurrah!”

2016 Anti-Resolution (sewing and otherwise)

I used to be so good. Every year I would start thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions in November. By December 31, I’d try to narrow the list down to 10. Each would be specific and measurable, and have been broken down into steps with defined follow-up dates. Does this sound exhausting to you? It’sContinue reading “2016 Anti-Resolution (sewing and otherwise)”