WIP Wednesday: Farmers Wife Quilt-a-Long(s)

You know how I said that you should stand before you stagger before you walk before you run? Yes, well. I took on a few learn-to-quilt projects, and then decided to join a couple of farmers’ wife quilt-alongs. Which is something like jogging around the block a few times, deciding this isn’t so painful, andContinue reading “WIP Wednesday: Farmers Wife Quilt-a-Long(s)”

Building up the Someday Shelf

McCalls, Butterick and Vogue had one of their regular dirt-cheap-patterns sales, ending yesterday. I ended up ordering nine patterns, and paid–taxes and shipping included–around $50. Considering that a single Vogue pattern can retail for $30 at a sewing store, that is a very good deal. Not that I will sew any of them any timeContinue reading “Building up the Someday Shelf”

WIP Wednesday: Where I run and fall flat on my face.

So I like to crochet, eh? But I’m not an expert by any means. Still, I buy crochet magazines and have a set of crochet hooks and a little inexpensive yarn stash (mostly Michaels), and like to crochet scarves and cowls and other mostly flat, mostly square or rectangular objects. Then I went to myContinue reading “WIP Wednesday: Where I run and fall flat on my face.”

Review: Embellish Me: How to Print, Dye, and Decorate Your Fabric

Embellish Me: How to Print, Dye, and Decorate Your Fabric by Laurie Wisbrun My rating: 3 of 5 stars If you want to fill your head with cool ideas of things to try, this is a great book. If you want a beautifully put-together treasure trove of great project photographs, interesting interviews, and introductions toContinue reading “Review: Embellish Me: How to Print, Dye, and Decorate Your Fabric”

Staggering is Fun. Eventually.

Speaking only for myself, I was an absolutely terrible beginning sewist, and remained a pretty terrible sewist for the first few decades of my life. If I was born with anything, it wasn’t sewing talent–it was a bad case of why-would-I-buy-that-when-I-can-make-it-myself-itis. The progression of this disease is deadly and, if left untreated too long, quiteContinue reading “Staggering is Fun. Eventually.”