New Neighbours

And how often do you suppose this happened in Toronto? Just hanging out on the path near the local park along with mom and a few aunts. They might be skittish, but they’re not at all afraid of humans. As you can see. Beautiful, aren’t they? However, I am once again disappointed in my fellowContinue reading “New Neighbours”

Monarch Caterpillar

Taken this past weekend at a friend’s cottage, walking in the woods, where a bunch of largeish monarch caterpillars are fattening themselves up on milkweed in preparation for metamorphosis. Look at the size of that thing! Also, they’re soft, if you’ve never tried petting one. Velvety. Given that it’s august and the monarch migration toContinue reading “Monarch Caterpillar”

Summer Vacation

By which you might deduce, and correctly, that I was recently in Niagara Falls. It’s not quite the sort of nature shot I usually go for, being large and imposing and Charismatic, not to mention Touristified, but it’s not the river’s fault, is it? What I love about it is the colour of the river,Continue reading “Summer Vacation”

Childhood should involve catching frogs

In this case, green frogs and cricket frogs, with a net. I took this at the pond where the Newtonbrook Creek trail meets up with the main East Don Parkland path. Juvenile frogs stick their wee heads out of the water like slightly oversized bubbles by the dozens. In one shot taken Saturday afternoon, IContinue reading “Childhood should involve catching frogs”

Green Neighbours: Beech trees

I have often done plants and wildlife but not, I think, trees. Today a tree, a very important tree ecologically for the Greater Toronto Bioregion, and one of my favourites, but as I am impossible at picking favourites in anything that’s not saying much. Beech trees. They are, first of all, easy to identify inContinue reading “Green Neighbours: Beech trees”

Look Small: Buds to Leaves

Have you ever noticed the way buds open, almost erupting as if in force of a slow-motion explosion? They don’t just open. They spill. Like milk spreading across a kitchen floor, or water boiling over a pot. Like a snake shedding a too-small skin. Most of the leaves around here are open, but a fewContinue reading “Look Small: Buds to Leaves”