my open-window policy

I have been thinking, lately, about weeding my driveway. It is paved, yes; and apparently the impermeability of asphalt has been vastly overstated, as there are weeds growing through the cracks all over the bloody thing. Oddly, I don’t want to weed it. I like it. All of those supposedly fragile bits of green crackingContinue reading “my open-window policy”

babies are always cute

On the way home from Frances’s school last Monday–a walk which is by the way all of five minutes and 1 1/2 blocks long–she stopped, suddenly. “Mummy, look!” I looked, and saw four baby skunks gamboling on the neighbour’s lawn, composed of equal parts grass and clover. Four cuter little fluffballs you never have seen.Continue reading “babies are always cute”

Nearby Nature: wildlife vet

Frances wants to be a wildlife vet when she grows up. Until recently, it was just plain vet, from her lifelong fascination with animals of all kinds. You can imagine how excited she was when I told her that “wildlife vet” is a real job, not just some pie-in-the-sky fantasy she dreamed up. On theContinue reading “Nearby Nature: wildlife vet”

Near IS the New Far (or: I Told You So)

I became very afraid last weekend about the potential apocalypse. There I was, going about my regular business, when I saw this giant yellow flaming ball in the sky. Then I remembered that it was something called the sun, and usually heralded a good day to spend outside. I obliged. Mostly this consisted of yardContinue reading “Near IS the New Far (or: I Told You So)”

Mother’s Day Skull Walk

Ah, Mother’s Day. A leisurely sleep-in, to be woken at a civilized hour by an adorable jammie-clad child bearing a pancake breakfast on a tray, with Dad clearing up heroically in the kitchen. Then, flowers! A much-cherished homemade gift from the adorable, small child, mis-spellings intact. According to the television commercials, a meal later onContinue reading “Mother’s Day Skull Walk”

New Neighbours

And how often do you suppose this happened in Toronto? Just hanging out on the path near the local park along with mom and a few aunts. They might be skittish, but they’re not at all afraid of humans. As you can see. Beautiful, aren’t they? However, I am once again disappointed in my fellowContinue reading “New Neighbours”

Childhood should involve catching frogs

In this case, green frogs and cricket frogs, with a net. I took this at the pond where the Newtonbrook Creek trail meets up with the main East Don Parkland path. Juvenile frogs stick their wee heads out of the water like slightly oversized bubbles by the dozens. In one shot taken Saturday afternoon, IContinue reading “Childhood should involve catching frogs”

in lieu of an actual post, please accept this damselfly

I am so, so, so close to being done my Theory of Everything post. But–well, close isn’t done. In the meantime–hey, look! Pretty. It’s a bluet. These are the ones that beat their wings so fast they look like tiny blue wands being waved by invisible elfin sorcerors. Closely related to dragonflies, but capable ofContinue reading “in lieu of an actual post, please accept this damselfly”