All About Me. Plus Grace Paley. And Wind. And Theory.

I’m almost three weeks in to the new job, and it’s finally feeling real and settled enough to tell you a bit about it. I now coordinate environmental studies and approvals for wind energy projects. And oh, the hate mail that will eventually bring down on my head. But at the moment I am veryContinue reading “All About Me. Plus Grace Paley. And Wind. And Theory.”

Kneeling at Easter to the Season’s First Bloodroot

It’s Easter … and I saw the season’s first bloodroot … and I did kneel, as a matter of fact. And why not? Why shouldn’t I? I found myself thinking, even–without remembering the poem I posted last year, linked above–that if there is a god, it is a wild thing that lives in the woods.Continue reading “Kneeling at Easter to the Season’s First Bloodroot”

Alan Dugan: On the Liquidation of Zoology

We put the mountains in the valleys, the oceans in the deserts, and paved the world flat. The botanical trash was burned, and life put in its place: zoos. In this way we cleaned up in honor of the flat out continuity of the green glass sea and walked on it like Christ in horrorContinue reading “Alan Dugan: On the Liquidation of Zoology”

Green is the New Holy

Many, many years ago my Aunt Heather and Uncle Brian were talking to my parents about their experiences with environmentalism within their conservative Christian church. The specifics of that conversation have been long lost to the mists of time, but my Aunt’s frustration as she spoke of her church is still clear. “I try toContinue reading “Green is the New Holy”

Beautiful earth: Mary Oliver's poem, again

I’m going to be obnoxious and start by asking you to read this out loud, or at least under your breath, because half of its pleasures are in the rhythms and rhymes. What Was Once the Largest Shopping Center in Northern Ohio Was Built Where There Had Been a Pond I Used to Visit EveryContinue reading “Beautiful earth: Mary Oliver's poem, again”