All About Me. Plus Grace Paley. And Wind. And Theory.

I’m almost three weeks in to the new job, and it’s finally feeling real and settled enough to tell you a bit about it. I now coordinate environmental studies and approvals for wind energy projects. And oh, the hate mail that will eventually bring down on my head. But at the moment I am veryContinue reading “All About Me. Plus Grace Paley. And Wind. And Theory.”

Green Neighbours: Beech trees

I have often done plants and wildlife but not, I think, trees. Today a tree, a very important tree ecologically for the Greater Toronto Bioregion, and one of my favourites, but as I am impossible at picking favourites in anything that’s not saying much. Beech trees. They are, first of all, easy to identify inContinue reading “Green Neighbours: Beech trees”

Look Small: Buds to Leaves

Have you ever noticed the way buds open, almost erupting as if in force of a slow-motion explosion? They don’t just open. They spill. Like milk spreading across a kitchen floor, or water boiling over a pot. Like a snake shedding a too-small skin. Most of the leaves around here are open, but a fewContinue reading “Look Small: Buds to Leaves”

Kneeling at Easter to the Season’s First Bloodroot

It’s Easter … and I saw the season’s first bloodroot … and I did kneel, as a matter of fact. And why not? Why shouldn’t I? I found myself thinking, even–without remembering the poem I posted last year, linked above–that if there is a god, it is a wild thing that lives in the woods.Continue reading “Kneeling at Easter to the Season’s First Bloodroot”