Not too tired to pontificate, thank god

Today I am walking into walls. Apparently I have lost the ability to manage a straight line.┬áBut why should this stop me from soliloquising about internet matters? No reason at all. To that end: I coincidentally came across two articles about when and how much to care about what other people think. Dani Shapiro wroteContinue reading “Not too tired to pontificate, thank god”

Group Think: When Two Heads are Worse than One (Science and Sewing, in one post at last!)

It’s my untested belief that expertise in any technical field will result in a near-total loss of respect for journalism. I know it did for me. The more I learned about climate change, the biodiversity crisis, environmental regulations, and renewable energy, the more I realized that newspaper articles reflected reality only by chance, in passing.Continue reading “Group Think: When Two Heads are Worse than One (Science and Sewing, in one post at last!)”

Hibernation 2014: Wherein I Angst

Say, did you know that this isn’t technically speaking a sewing blog? It isn’t even, technically speaking, a crafting or making blog. Technically speaking, it’s a green blog. If you’ve read back through the old entries, you know this. If you haven’t, why would you? I just spoiled the ending. Technically speaking, the whole sewing/makingContinue reading “Hibernation 2014: Wherein I Angst”

Photo Experiment Updates

One thing I thought would be fun with my experiment on blog photos would be a riff of the “working woman” stock photo. You know, she with the briefcase and heels, climbing ladders with a smile on her face. (Such nice tall ladders.) And I still will probably do that. But first, a brief momentContinue reading “Photo Experiment Updates”

Blog Psychology Pt 5: Susceptibility to Normative Influence

And at last the marketers enter the picture; or more specifically, what the marketers make out of this social psychology research, and their own research into social marketing. Here’s what we have so far: 1. People don’t know why they do what they do nor why they believe what they believe. Oh, sure, we allContinue reading “Blog Psychology Pt 5: Susceptibility to Normative Influence”

Blog Psychology Pt 4: Peer Pressure

So social psychologists have conducted a number of interesting experiments on the influence of groups on individuals. In one of my favourites, they had a group of people at a table and asked them a very simple question: which line on the right matches the line on the left? A number of groups were assembled,Continue reading “Blog Psychology Pt 4: Peer Pressure”

Blog Psychology Pt 3: The Mere Ownership Effect and the Endowment Effect

I love that name, don’t you? It makes it sound like it’s so insignificant–mere ownership, you know. I merely own this car, I merely own that book. But no. What the psychologists are getting at here is that the mere act of owning something appears to change people’s opinions towards whatever it is that theyContinue reading “Blog Psychology Pt 3: The Mere Ownership Effect and the Endowment Effect”

an experiment on the aesthetics of sewing blogs

This is long, so here’s a summary: I’m going to stop trying for pretty blog pictures, and start trying for interesting blog pictures. What do you think? I’m a forever-blogger. I’ve been blogging since the ancient days of Moveable Type. (You can form whatever opinion about me you’d like on the basis of that revelation.)Continue reading “an experiment on the aesthetics of sewing blogs”