Burda 11/2016 Dress 110: It’s Fine

You can see almost nothing about this dress (pattern here) thanks to the print I chose, a rayon twill from Fabricland that is soft, drapey, colourful, easy to sew, and obscures any seam not outlined with a highlighter pen. So, in words: shoulder yokes, gathered bodice to a snug waistband both front and back, pleats inContinue reading “Burda 11/2016 Dress 110: It’s Fine”

Burda 04/2016 Skirt #113B: Accidentally Underdressed

This is the story of a skirt I made for work that I can’t wear to work. “What a lovely and interesting pencil skirt!” I thought in April when the Burda issue came. “Just right for the office. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a cool stripe fabric that might work.” I had a workContinue reading “Burda 04/2016 Skirt #113B: Accidentally Underdressed”

BurdaStyle Twisted Maxi Dress, with literal blood, sweat and tears

I sewed through my finger for the first time ever in the making of this dress. Not intentionally–though I have been assured that this sewing-through-fingers business is a rite of passage–but I still think it could add a touch of gravitas: I bled for this dress. Stupidly. You know how it is. This fabric is aContinue reading “BurdaStyle Twisted Maxi Dress, with literal blood, sweat and tears”

Now it’s a pleated pencil skirt (Burda Pleat Pencil Skirt 03/2015)

This was a pattern that did not want to be a pleated pencil skirt at all. What it wanted to be, based on the skirt as first sewn up, was a hot air balloon.   But this would have required me to install hot air jets on top of my feet which, in addition toContinue reading “Now it’s a pleated pencil skirt (Burda Pleat Pencil Skirt 03/2015)”