Me-Made May 2014, Week 2

I had so many plans. Plans that nice weather would come and I would be able to wear skirts–that I’d made–to work. And then Frances got sick. And then her stepbrother got very seriously sick, and Frances spent an extra day with me, sick. And making sure I wore my me-mades was maybe no longer quiteContinue reading “Me-Made May 2014, Week 2”

Me-Made May 2014, Week 1

Day 1 Subtitled: I was just running some errands and thought I’d stop off in the backyard to admire the non-greenery in the freezing cold while wearing a bunch of stuff I made myself. Everything you can see in this picture, I made. Pants (V1266, fabric a light italian wool), shirt (Colette Jasmine, Liberty lawnContinue reading “Me-Made May 2014, Week 1”