Gloriously Disgraceful

I love books, and I love sewing, so of course I signed up for Following The Thread‘s Literary Sewing Circle challenge. You read a book, and sew something inspired by it. Fun. Yes? Also the book she chose was The New Moon’s Arms by Nalo Hopkinson, a Canadian author I’ve been meaning to read forContinue reading “Gloriously Disgraceful”

Burda 04/2016 Dress #122: Sheath Dress? and something stuck to the bottom of my shoe

The website says this is meant for jerseys and knits; the magazines says “dress fabrics with or without elastane,” which I take to mean wovens. As I went shopping for fabrics with my phone and not the magazine, I bought a poly jersey, and only figured out that might not have been what they hadContinue reading “Burda 04/2016 Dress #122: Sheath Dress? and something stuck to the bottom of my shoe”


I made a thing.   Yet another make of V8997–this one colour-blocked, per the advice of FaceBook. And pegged a bit at the bottom, which would have helped the other one a lot, too. Dear Readers– I wish I could say the return to garment sewing was a triumphant and unvarnished success. I guess IContinue reading “V8997 NO BOYS ALLOWED”

Not too tired to pontificate, thank god

Today I am walking into walls. Apparently I have lost the ability to manage a straight line.┬áBut why should this stop me from soliloquising about internet matters? No reason at all. To that end: I coincidentally came across two articles about when and how much to care about what other people think. Dani Shapiro wroteContinue reading “Not too tired to pontificate, thank god”

How To Be 40: The first in an ongoing (and sporadic) series.

Dear Readers, I have an apology to make. It’s recently come to my attention that I have not turned 40 properly. Nor, apparently, was I able to conduct my 30s appropriately. I recently bought a copy of Harper’s Bazaar for potential sewing inspiration. I don’t know why I do this. I will never have timeContinue reading “How To Be 40: The first in an ongoing (and sporadic) series.”

an experiment on the aesthetics of sewing blogs

This is long, so here’s a summary: I’m going to stop trying for pretty blog pictures, and start trying for interesting blog pictures. What do you think? I’m a forever-blogger. I’ve been blogging since the ancient days of Moveable Type. (You can form whatever opinion about me you’d like on the basis of that revelation.)Continue reading “an experiment on the aesthetics of sewing blogs”