V2532: in which I inflict my unsightly legs on unsuspecting readers

“You don’t want big, tight, ropey muscles when you are in front of a camera,” says Grace Lazenby, who has taught Wright and a hose of other actresses in her Rockin Models class at Equinox in West Hollywood. … “You can love SoulCycle,” explains Lazenby. “But you can’t go to SoulCycle five times a weekContinue reading “V2532: in which I inflict my unsightly legs on unsuspecting readers”

V8997: New Favourite Dress Pattern that I almost broke

Just look at this little bit of gorgeousness. Wouldn’t you wear this if you could? You would. Unless you’re a boy, and maybe even then. It’s just fantastic, isn’t it? The bodice fit, the gored skirt with its lovely flares, the seam details on the front, the fact that it is adjustable for different cupContinue reading “V8997: New Favourite Dress Pattern that I almost broke”

it’s (practically) august!

So. I swore off fabric purchases until August. And we’ll just leave it there. … .. . OK. I bought fabric. But not very much. It might not have been a fast, but it was certainly a diet. I bought lightweight denim and blue viscose (not yet blogged) for shorts. On sale, 50% off. I’veContinue reading “it’s (practically) august!”

M6884–a dress for some seasons

So here we go–my first attempt at blog ridiculousness. I hope you enjoy it. It was a lot of fun to do. Jesus Murphy, just my luck that this was the first make during my experiment… Also, please note that this post assumes you are not squeamish about women’s underwear. Thank you for your understanding.Continue reading “M6884–a dress for some seasons”

i’ve had a double-think

My aesthetic experiment is going to be tweaked before it’s even begun, Dear Readers. Last night, while I was browsing fashion magazines at Chapters (and spent entirely too much money to bring them home), I realized that the aesthetics of sewing blogs doesn’t mimic fashion magazines. Not really. ~ Nor does it mimic self-portrait photography.Continue reading “i’ve had a double-think”

B5354: New favourite t-shirt

A few years ago, I bought a yellow t-shirt that became my absolute favourite: interesting pleating and details on the neckline with just the right amount of drape made it flattering without being tight or revealing. I wore it to death. I still wear it, even though years of stains and stretch mean that itContinue reading “B5354: New favourite t-shirt”

M6930: Fancy shorts!

I don’t really have any shorts. Technically, I have three pairs of shorts I bought in my early twenties, which still–miraculously–button up, though two of them are just a bit snug; but all three are very short and very casual. I have a pair of peach shorts bought last summer at Joe Fresh, which taughtContinue reading “M6930: Fancy shorts!”

congratulations graduate!

(itty-bitty Mommyblog aside) Holy crap, my child is done with elementary school. I am not ready. I just brought her home from the hospital last week. How did it go this quickly? (back to sewing) Frances started talking up her mom-made grad dress at school months ago, to both classmates and teachers. So sweet, yes?Continue reading “congratulations graduate!”