This is Forty, In Leather (Vogue 8750)

It’s finished!* And I wore it out to dinner with my best girl on the evening I turned 40. I even dragged out all the cosmetic crap I’ve accumulated over the past mumble-many years and used it. There’s, like, goop in my hair. (Am I the only one this happens to? Remember silicone shine sprays?Continue reading “This is Forty, In Leather (Vogue 8750)”

OMG, the leather skirt!

In leather! So there is this thing that is happening this month in my life that happens to many of us eventually, being a milestone birthday of the sort that women are supposed to be too embarrassed to mention in public. I am turning 40! Instead of being properly embarrassed, I’m a bit giddy aboutContinue reading “OMG, the leather skirt!”

So close, and yet so far: leather skirt muslin #2

I had such high hopes for this skirt. One of the high hopes that I had was that it would be a fun holiday skirt. But this thought, this “wouldn’t it be great to get all gussied up in nice shoes and tights and everything at the end of December?” idea, comes strictly from aContinue reading “So close, and yet so far: leather skirt muslin #2”