Selfless? Selfish? Self-agnostic? Sewing: Gift Bags for Xmas

In our house, there are two types of Christmas wrapping: presents from Santa, which come wrapped in paper with store bought tags, and presents from Mom, which comes in handmade fabric gift bags. When Frances was younger and sold on Santa, this was a great bit of holiday magic: *obviously* Santa was real, because otherwiseContinue reading “Selfless? Selfish? Self-agnostic? Sewing: Gift Bags for Xmas”

Frances’s Fancy Pants

Making pants for Frances that fit is one of the reasons I got into sewing clothes. It’s also one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever worked on. I’ve tried so many patterns and so many alterations, and most of them, Frances couldn’t wear. They were too tight here or too loose there or tooContinue reading “Frances’s Fancy Pants”

The Water Day Declaration and The Swearsuit

Frances: Tomorrow is Water Day. Me: Water Day? What’s that? Frances: We’ll spend a couple of periods doing water games and things. Me: Oh! That sounds like fun. Frances: Yeah, so I’ll need you to finish that swimsuit for me. [pause] Me: And you couldn’t have shared this with me before? Frances: Well, I couldContinue reading “The Water Day Declaration and The Swearsuit”

The Dragon Mistress needs a dress

One cannot be the Dragon Mistress at the Dragon Ball without a dress to wear. Well. One can. We are all about the feminism and free choice in clothing options at Casa McDowell, and I can frequently be found pleading with Frances to just try on the boy’s jeans, or let me try a boy’sContinue reading “The Dragon Mistress needs a dress”

Dragon Ball and a heap of dragon t-shirts

Once upon a time, a highschool friend, Frances and I made up something called the Dragon Tea Society. It was very simple: get dressed up; go to a fancy place that serves afternoon tea; bring a stuffed dragon; consume. The trickiest part was getting to the restaurant, which invariably was in downtown Toronto. My AuntContinue reading “Dragon Ball and a heap of dragon t-shirts”