Pink Avalanche #5, in which I hate slash hip pockets

There are two things I’ve been trying for a few years now to add to my work wardrobe: yellow pants and pale pink pants. Something like these: The yellow ones haven’t happened because I wasn’t able to find a bottom-weight fabric in a shade of yellow I like, but I finally did recently and hopeContinue reading “Pink Avalanche #5, in which I hate slash hip pockets”

Sewing Pants in Spanish Part I: Patrones 370 Pants #3

The saddest thing about this whole post, Dear Readers, is that I finished these pants weeks ago and have been wearing them regularly but have not had a spare moment to take a picture of them. I had the best intentions this past weekend to find an hour on Saturday afternoon–and then what with holidayContinue reading “Sewing Pants in Spanish Part I: Patrones 370 Pants #3”

Sewing in Spanish: Patrones 370 Skirt 19

The extent of my Spanish is the very small amount that penetrated through the two-foot-thick barriers I erected around my skull when Frances watched Dora as a small child. Which is to say: not much, and nothing specific to sewing. I’m also not generally a fan of midi skirts or hi-low hems. But here weContinue reading “Sewing in Spanish: Patrones 370 Skirt 19”