A Rainbow of Renfrews

I keep promising to post about my Renfrew hacks, and I keep finding other things to post about, but no longer! Today is the day I finally write about the approximately twenty I’ve made over the years, fifteen of which I still have (the others long since having worn out and joined the Great ScrapContinue reading “A Rainbow of Renfrews”

I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear: Cambie/2

One more Edna St. Vincent Millay. Then I promise I’m all done with her for a little while. So it’s been a busy summer, in the best possible ways. Lots of dancing, bunch of concerts, lots of time with friends old and new, and a good smattering of dating. Plus, of course, sewing. Not necessarilyContinue reading “I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear: Cambie/2”

What a Waste of a Lovely Night: The Yellow La La Land Dress

(For those of you who read The Monthly Stitch: feel free to skip, because this is almost exactly the same post I put up there. ┬áThere are two small exceptions: Look! A picture of me dancing in my La La Land dancing dress was put on a poster for a dancing event! And then myContinue reading “What a Waste of a Lovely Night: The Yellow La La Land Dress”

I made a Cambie, but I had a good reason

I loved La La Land. Yes it was silly and frivolous and presented a LA that doesn’t really exist particularly racially and hired actors who are neither professional singers nor dancers for roles that required a lot of singing and dancing and basically was another Hollywood-loves-to-make-movies-glorifying-Hollywood movie. You know what? I don’t care. Or IContinue reading “I made a Cambie, but I had a good reason”

Oh hey look! It’s another Renfrew!

But this time, with a little added something. I made it purposefully quite loose, even adding extra space to the sleeves, and then dug through my Fabric Manipulation book to get some ideas for adding a little something extra. Originally, I wanted to do something like this: It’s just little angular bits of self-fabric sewnContinue reading “Oh hey look! It’s another Renfrew!”

A Renfrew with an experiment and an unintentionally funny fitting issue

So. Well. Yeah. I guess I know what I need to fix for the next one. Plus a wedge taken out of the centre back. Anyway. This post is less about the Renfrew, which poses obvious challenges to those of us not a pear-shape, than it is about what I used it to experiment withContinue reading “A Renfrew with an experiment and an unintentionally funny fitting issue”