Another thing to feel guilty about.

Via Treehugger: Say! Did you know that laundering your synthetic clothing may be contributing to ocean pollution? Apparently studies have found that washing releases up to 1900 microfibres from each piece of synthetic clothing per wash. These bits of plastic are too small to be removed by conventional filtres and water treatment, so the plasticContinue reading “Another thing to feel guilty about.”

Shirt Making Adventures I

I gave up on off-the-racks button-up shirts a long time ago. Probably around the time that, wearing a light purple button-up blouse at a work meeting for my old job at CN Rail, I looked down to see that the third button (yes, THAT button) had popped open. Clothing manufacturers typically base their products onContinue reading “Shirt Making Adventures I”

Another StyleArc Jasmine pair of pants: more pajamas for work

I have so many pieces cut out for so many projects … but instead I made myself another pair of Jasmine pants. Why? Because I love the first ones I made. Super comfortable. Wearable and works for work. Because also the first ones I made are red. I love red. Red is a good colour.Continue reading “Another StyleArc Jasmine pair of pants: more pajamas for work”

Jalie Stretch Jeans for Frances, Theoretically

So I mentioned a few posts back about how Frances now wants to be wearing jeans again, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the picture of the jeans I started making, realized were the wrong size for her, and ripped apart. And here is part 2 of that saga. I’m hopingContinue reading “Jalie Stretch Jeans for Frances, Theoretically”

Trapped on the Island of Muslins

Well … trapped might be a strong word. But you know what I mean. I have big sewing plans (for me) this season. There’s that suit, which means pants and a jacket. I want to make jeans, for me and for Frances. There’s the leather skirt. I’ve got fabric for some nice button-up shirts thatContinue reading “Trapped on the Island of Muslins”

A long, mostly boring, very pointless, story about dyeing with cochineal

Last fall, almost exactly one year ago, I took an introductory class in natural dyeing. It was a little disorganized, but I enjoyed it overall. We dyed linen, cotton, a cotton-hemp blend, and wool, using onion skins, cochineal, logwood and black walnuts. Black walnuts made for some very pretty browns. Logwood (seriously just wood chipsContinue reading “A long, mostly boring, very pointless, story about dyeing with cochineal”

Blog Psychology Pt 4: Peer Pressure

So social psychologists have conducted a number of interesting experiments on the influence of groups on individuals. In one of my favourites, they had a group of people at a table and asked them a very simple question: which line on the right matches the line on the left? A number of groups were assembled,Continue reading “Blog Psychology Pt 4: Peer Pressure”

Oliver + S Nature Walk pants: pajamas for school

Ah, back to school. That time of year when a whole wardrobe full of comfortable, clean, cute clothes is discovered, in the course of the first two weeks of September, to be completely inappropriate and unwearable. “MOM! I have no shorts to wear today!” What are you talking about? I just did the laundry twoContinue reading “Oliver + S Nature Walk pants: pajamas for school”

Style Arc Jasmine Pants: pajamas for work

I almost–almost!–wore my Colette Jasmine shirt with the Style Arc Jasmine pants for the photos for this one. Just because it would tickle me to be head to toe Jasmine, plus the Jasmine shirt is pink and that would make for a fun colour combo (to me). But the shapes didn’t really work together, soContinue reading “Style Arc Jasmine Pants: pajamas for work”

StyleArc Emily Top

StyleArc has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality patterns with ┬áRTW details, and without the ease issues that can be found in the Big 4 (McCall, Butterick, Vogue and Simplicity). On recommendation from many internet sewing friends, I decided I wanted to try them for myself, even though the price tag (as they are shippedContinue reading “StyleArc Emily Top”