B5354: New favourite t-shirt

A few years ago, I bought a yellow t-shirt that became my absolute favourite: interesting pleating and details on the neckline with just the right amount of drape made it flattering without being tight or revealing. I wore it to death. I still wear it, even though years of stains and stretch mean that itContinue reading “B5354: New favourite t-shirt”

M6930: Fancy shorts!

I don’t really have any shorts. Technically, I have three pairs of shorts I bought in my early twenties, which still–miraculously–button up, though two of them are just a bit snug; but all three are very short and very casual. I have a pair of peach shorts bought last summer at Joe Fresh, which taughtContinue reading “M6930: Fancy shorts!”

congratulations graduate!

(itty-bitty Mommyblog aside) Holy crap, my child is done with elementary school. I am not ready. I just brought her home from the hospital last week. How did it go this quickly? (back to sewing) Frances started talking up her mom-made grad dress at school months ago, to both classmates and teachers. So sweet, yes?Continue reading “congratulations graduate!”

on expertise

Two hundred years ago, any woman alive would been able to produce a hand-stitched garment that fit anyone in her family. It might have included smocking, monograms, top- and edge-stitching, and other decorative and fitting details as a matter of course. While a woman who could sew exceptionally well might have been admired within herContinue reading “on expertise”

restraint (in theory)

I may have mentioned on occasion that sewing, despite rumours to the contrary, is not a cost-effective way of building one’s wardrobe. It can be moderately cost-effective, if undertaken with great care. To take as an example one of Frances’s new t-shirts: Fabric: Rayon knit at $8/m for 1 metre Thread: Need to buy aContinue reading “restraint (in theory)”

Me-Made May 2014 Last Thoughts

I did it. I wore something I made myself every day. OK, often it was pajamas. But I don’t care. That counts. And I figured out a few things about my me-made wearables that made the month more worthwhile. Like while I have enough handmade work clothing to get me through a workweek with aContinue reading “Me-Made May 2014 Last Thoughts”

Me-Made 2014, Week 3

aka, REPEATS. Day 15 April showers brought May showers, which will likely bring June showers, and lead to a desperate need to mow the lawn and precious few opportunities to do so. And it’s still not that warm here. So I gave in and wore the same handmade pants I’ve worn and shown you twice already. HowContinue reading “Me-Made 2014, Week 3”

Me-Made May 2014, Week 2

I had so many plans. Plans that nice weather would come and I would be able to wear skirts–that I’d made–to work. And then Frances got sick. And then her stepbrother got very seriously sick, and Frances spent an extra day with me, sick. And making sure I wore my me-mades was maybe no longer quiteContinue reading “Me-Made May 2014, Week 2”