Sara Teasdale in needle-book form

I like poetry, a lot. A shelf of my Favourites Bookcase is devoted to poetry books (and there are more in the basement).  I also–as you may have gathered–like sewing and embroidery, a lot. So what better than to combine them? A few years back, I was in need of a needle-book (a fabric bookContinue reading “Sara Teasdale in needle-book form”

Finish Friday: Critter Cuddle Quilt

One of the most treasured objects in my house is a quilt a dear friend made for my daughter many years ago, when I was getting divorced (the pink one in the main photo). This friend has had a very challenging life, and carries many burdens and troubles; and yet, when I was getting divorcedContinue reading “Finish Friday: Critter Cuddle Quilt”