MeMadeMay 2019 Recap, Holy Cow

I did it. Thirty-one days of me-mades, no repeat outfits. The hardest part was that Frances had uptillion doctor’s visits (more on that in another post), and on those days I worked from home, and I just don’t have as many homemade casual clothes as I do clothes for work. But I still did it!Continue reading “MeMadeMay 2019 Recap, Holy Cow”

Pink Avalanche #5, in which I hate slash hip pockets

There are two things I’ve been trying for a few years now to add to my work wardrobe: yellow pants and pale pink pants. Something like these: The yellow ones haven’t happened because I wasn’t able to find a bottom-weight fabric in a shade of yellow I like, but I finally did recently and hopeContinue reading “Pink Avalanche #5, in which I hate slash hip pockets”

StyleArc Katherine pants v. 2.0: alpaca flannel

At the 2013 fall Creativ(e!) Festival, I circled round the alpaca at the Sultan’s Fine Fabrics booth like a dieter around the desert table at a holiday party. I really shouldn’t … but it was so nice … but so expensive! and unnecessary! … but soft and warm and lovely … oh, but too much,Continue reading “StyleArc Katherine pants v. 2.0: alpaca flannel”

First Day of the New Job Outfit: Sick Day Edition

To say that the second half of my period of unemployment did not go as planned would be an understatement. Rather than a bit of a break wherein I tried to catch up on things and also had some extra fun and sewing time, I ended up spending a hefty chunk of time in theContinue reading “First Day of the New Job Outfit: Sick Day Edition”

Most Boring Post Ever

Look, everyone! I made more StyleArc Jasmine shorts! Fiddled with the pattern a smidge more (lengthening the crotch curve, mostly) and got it just perfect. Used leftover stretch pique from the sheath dress, which is super comfortable but stretches out quickly. Went on a hike with my camera and thought, what the hell. So hereContinue reading “Most Boring Post Ever”

StyleArc Jasmine Shorts

It’s no secret that I love my StyleArc Jasmine pants. I wear both pairs I’ve made every week, as long as it’s pants weather. But it is not pants weather right now. Sigh! And what I really need are work-appropriate shorts. Or, actually, shorts period. It took me much longer than it should have toContinue reading “StyleArc Jasmine Shorts”

My Me-Made Voyage of Self-Discovery, including a Final Recap

Dear Readers, far be it from me to pass up any opportunity for self-exploration. There is so much about myself I don’t yet know! And sure there is an entire world of books, movies, songs, science, hiking trails, locations, cities, cultures, languages, and nearly seven billion people I also don’t yet know, but I’m sureContinue reading “My Me-Made Voyage of Self-Discovery, including a Final Recap”

Playing with Ponte (Style Arc Madeleine Ponte top)

Here in Southern Ontario, spring is a funny season. It can last for anywhere from two months to two minutes. Sometimes it has an existential crisis and seesaws back and forth between winter and summer, alternating snow flurries and thunderstorms, for a month or so before it finally turns hot for real. The first weekContinue reading “Playing with Ponte (Style Arc Madeleine Ponte top)”