This is Forty, In Leather (Vogue 8750)

It’s finished!* And I wore it out to dinner with my best girl on the evening I turned 40. I even dragged out all the cosmetic crap I’ve accumulated over the past mumble-many years and used it. There’s, like, goop in my hair. (Am I the only one this happens to? Remember silicone shine sprays?Continue reading “This is Forty, In Leather (Vogue 8750)”

OMG, the leather skirt!

In leather! So there is this thing that is happening this month in my life that happens to many of us eventually, being a milestone birthday of the sort that women are supposed to be too embarrassed to mention in public. I am turning 40! Instead of being properly embarrassed, I’m a bit giddy aboutContinue reading “OMG, the leather skirt!”

A double-gauze V9029, with hand-stitching

After a good, quick Linden as a palate-cleaner, I decided to do a good, semi-quick palate cleanser before getting back into anything more complicated. And by this I meant that I made another V9029, this time in a Nani Iro double gauze that I bought last fall (shame on me), and then edge-stitched by hand.Continue reading “A double-gauze V9029, with hand-stitching”

The Next Blazer, Eventually, While Analyzing the Walking Dead

I found myself in possession of more free time and less money in February than is typically the case, which I decided was the perfect excuse to figure out my next blazer, the Vogue 8333 Claire Schaeffer pattern. After the difficulties of working with fusible interfacing on the poly-wool blue blazer I made in theContinue reading “The Next Blazer, Eventually, While Analyzing the Walking Dead”

So close, and yet so far: leather skirt muslin #2

I had such high hopes for this skirt. One of the high hopes that I had was that it would be a fun holiday skirt. But this thought, this “wouldn’t it be great to get all gussied up in nice shoes and tights and everything at the end of December?” idea, comes strictly from aContinue reading “So close, and yet so far: leather skirt muslin #2”

Postcards from the Island of Muslins

It was super exciting when I managed to finally finish the muslining/underlining/fitting/french seaming adventure that was the floral shirt. I celebrated bursting out of my self-imposed prison with a couple of speedy makes, including the beaded shirt (yes, in comparison, that was speedy), a long-sleeved shirt for Frances out of the same fabric, and someContinue reading “Postcards from the Island of Muslins”

Shirt Making Adventures III

And then I added buttons, and then it was done. Mostly. I swear I followed the directions for the cuffs to the millimetre, but somehow they still ended up backwards. In that the continuous lap/placket looked beautiful, and everything on the cuff matched up gorgeously, and then I followed the directions for which side gotContinue reading “Shirt Making Adventures III”

Shirt Making Adventures II

Which begins with restocking the thread, and ends with running out of buttons. My daughter had a girl guides field trip last week which was a 30 minute drive from our home, and only ran for 1 1/2 hours. Rather than drive home to sit down for 30 minutes, stand up and drive back again,Continue reading “Shirt Making Adventures II”

Shirt Making Adventures I

I gave up on off-the-racks button-up shirts a long time ago. Probably around the time that, wearing a light purple button-up blouse at a work meeting for my old job at CN Rail, I looked down to see that the third button (yes, THAT button) had popped open. Clothing manufacturers typically base their products onContinue reading “Shirt Making Adventures I”

Vogue 8747: a fun blouse that fits

When I bought this Liberty lawn earlier this spring at my favourite local fabric store, I had in mind a Belcarra or Scout or some other kind of casual t-shirt. But the more I wore my lawn Jasmine, the more I realized: I am not a fan of pullover woven shirts. Nothing wrong with them.Continue reading “Vogue 8747: a fun blouse that fits”