Group Think: When Two Heads are Worse than One (Science and Sewing, in one post at last!)

It’s my untested belief that expertise in any technical field will result in a near-total loss of respect for journalism. I know it did for me. The more I learned about climate change, the biodiversity crisis, environmental regulations, and renewable energy, the more I realized that newspaper articles reflected reality only by chance, in passing.Continue reading “Group Think: When Two Heads are Worse than One (Science and Sewing, in one post at last!)”

New Year’s Resolution

Hey, I have an idea: this year, let’s save the world. Oh I know, we’ve promised to before, but this time, let’s really do it. Let’s get off our comfortable asses and decide to put real money and effort into climate change. Let’s get that usingĀ  a tonne of metal and litres of gasoline toContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution”

Is it 2011 already?

It is. If the calendar tells the truth, it is about 2.5% of the way through 2011, no less, and I’m just getting around to saying hello. (Hello, 2011!) 2010 was a great year for me and my family, and an interesting year for the environment in Ontario. My daughter and I moved to aContinue reading “Is it 2011 already?”

Six Months In to the Green Energy Act and Ontario Regulation 359/09

The most exciting part of working under a new piece of legislation is that no one, and that includes the people who wrote it, knows what it means yet. So far what it means is a whole lot more work under a process that was meant to streamline things–but never mind. The learning curve isContinue reading “Six Months In to the Green Energy Act and Ontario Regulation 359/09”

Good Stories, Damned Good Stories, and Statistics

I dated three Michaels in highschool. The first, a really sweet boy, moved to Las Vegas on three days’ notice when his parents illegally backed out of a real estate contract. The second, whom I barely remember, went to Hong Kong for the summer and never came back. And the third, another sweet boy whoContinue reading “Good Stories, Damned Good Stories, and Statistics”