Group Think: When Two Heads are Worse than One (Science and Sewing, in one post at last!)

It’s my untested belief that expertise in any technical field will result in a near-total loss of respect for journalism. I know it did for me. The more I learned about climate change, the biodiversity crisis, environmental regulations, and renewable energy, the more I realized that newspaper articles reflected reality only by chance, in passing.Continue reading “Group Think: When Two Heads are Worse than One (Science and Sewing, in one post at last!)”

Review: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate

Follow my blog with Bloglovin (sorry for that. i’m going through the tedious process of claiming my blog — yes, it took me forever — and apparently i have to include that in a new post. so) This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein My rating: 1 of 5 stars Naomi’s politicalContinue reading “Review: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate”

Another thing to feel guilty about.

Via Treehugger: Say! Did you know that laundering your synthetic clothing may be contributing to ocean pollution? Apparently studies have found that washing releases up to 1900 microfibres from each piece of synthetic clothing per wash. These bits of plastic are too small to be removed by conventional filtres and water treatment, so the plasticContinue reading “Another thing to feel guilty about.”

Not even a little bit sewing related

For a refreshing perspective on body image and strength training, and a quasi-related follow-up to my previous post on Vogue’s ridiculous anti-lifting article (completely unintentional on their part, but still), check out An Open Letter to Everyone Who Has Told Women “Don’t Get Too Muscular.” When women strength train, it is an act of borderline social disobedience. “Don’tContinue reading “Not even a little bit sewing related”

Failing Better is Still Failing

Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner released the annual update report on provincial progress on greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is, we are not failing as badly as we were. Our greenhouse gas emissions are falling provincially, largely due to decommissioning coal electricity plants. The bad news is, we are still failing. We are still above ourContinue reading “Failing Better is Still Failing”