Cross one item off the Someday Shelf: I finished my Meringue skirt.

meringue-13-7I added a lining since the fabric was both slightly sheer and also would stick to tights. The wool silk, though lovely and soft, also is not happy about holding a crease, which made pressing the scallops tricky. But anyway, it’s done! And Simba approves.

I might unpick the stitches joining the lining and skirt facing, though. They pull a bit. And I took about an inch out of the hips by making the back darts bigger, since I found the hips too loose.

It’s a really cute skirt and I’m glad I made it, but I’m not sure I’d make another one. Scallops just don’t feel like me. Although, I don’t know. What about in leather or suede? Then the hemline’s a lot easier, and it might be fun. It would mean putting seamlines along the current darts and making a version with much less ease so that it hangs properly … but it might be doable. Hmm.

7 thoughts on “Meringue!

  1. Love the scallops…but…oh the scallops. Can’t imagine the work involved in getting them so even, and all the plaids to match. In wool no less! Great job! You are your Grandma’s M’s granddaughter for sure.

    1. Fortunately the instructions were really clear. It did take some time, but not too bad really. The plaid matching was actually pretty simple–it’s just two pieces of fabric lined up on the fold, so I just shifted the second one down until the notches at the side matched the first one.

      It was good for learning, but I’m not sure I’d made scallops again, at least not in fabric.

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