The Someday Shelf

A post that’s become a Page: My master list of everything I want to make “someday”:

  1. The Colette Meringue skirt.  (Done!) (Also on the Someday Shelf is the Taffy Blouse and one of the dresses, also from the book, but they are farther down the list–spring/summer)
  2. A Project Yet To Be Determined, with the heavy-weight alpaca wool I picked up at the Creativ Festival. It’s a flannel-weight fabric, incredibly soft, with a pin-stripe, in a nice warm neutral, and I have 1.5 metres of it. (Done!)
  3. A short-sleeved crochet sweater in Squishy, in marigold yellow (called poppy, for some reason). Because if you access to a yarn called Squishy, it would be criminal not to make something out of it. Currently in progress–a Vogue Crochet pattern that looks a bit like the Taffy Blouse. (Done!) (And done again!)
  4. A sheath dress in creamy/tawny linen-silk blend with a bit of a subtle chevron pattern, also picked up at the Creativ Festival. Yes, that missing e bugs me too. Likely sheath dress pattern from the Built by Wendy Dresses book. (Done! But not very well, sadly)
  5. A Farmer’s Wife quilt.
  6. A quilt for my room. Something bright and floral.
  7. Another Jasmine blouse. I have a nice Liberty tana lawn cut out for it, so it’s just a matter of sewing it together. (Done!)
  8. Another marigold/orange/yellow pillow cover for the living room. (Done!)
  9. A crocheted sweater for Frances. For next winter at the earliest.
  10. Fleece pajamas for Frances. (Done!) (And then done again a few times, but not blogged)
  11. Comfy pants and shirts for Frances: a long-sleeved knit shirt (done but not blogged), a bat-wing t-shirt (Done!), and some baggy pants. (Done!) (And then done again)
  12. Raincoat for Frances. (Done!) I have the nylon shell fabric and the fleece lining, and the pattern, so my target is April/May.
  13. A stumpwork (3D embroidery) dragonfly or butterfly. Probably not on its own. With flowers or something. (Done two little ones.)
  14. A leather handbag. (Done!)
  15. A piece of hand-dyed clothing, or an accessory of some kind. (Done!)
  16. A hand-embroidered blouse. Maybe in a nice, light linen. Don’t you think a light-weight linen blouse that’s fairly fitted, with pin-tucks and some bits of colour in the embroidery, would be super pretty?
  17. That Vintage Vogue dress I got the pattern for last year–then realized I needed 6.5 freaking metres of fabric for it. I am thinking of getting the freaking metres in a nice Liberty Lawn, though it might require a second mortgage on the house. Or maybe a trip-to-Queen-West fabric, so I can get something a little stiffer. Lawn’s lovely, but it might be too light for the skirt.
  18. Curtains for pretty well every window in the house, but the kitchen and the dining room to start. I have yet to find a decent curtain fabric.
  19. The blackwork sampler.
  20. The dragonfly appliqué embroidery
  21. The cross-stitch piece I’ve been working on since last fall. (Done!)
  22. Something with the doilies.
  23. A new spring work bag. Maybe canvas? Heavy linen? Heavy linen would be cool, and it takes embroidery well. I could dye it, maybe. And/or smock it. Some kind of fabric manipulation would be a lot of fun. My last work bag used an old pair of jeans as the lining, which was super fun and very practical (and cheap), but I don’t think a summer bag is heavy enough to handle a thick denim lining. So it will take more brainstorming.
  24. More button-up blouses. Work shirts. Boring as hell, but necessary. This pattern is one, with the long sleeves and narrow cuffs. It says crepe de chine is an option, which would be much less boring if I picked something like this. (Done!) (Done, in three parts: I, II, III)
  25. Work pants. I want to take the pants I made over the winter and tweak the pockets so they are more horizontal and less vertical, but this can wait. I’d also like to make them out of something heavier, a nice wool flannel maybe, so they are work-appropriate but also cozy. (Done!) (Done again!)
  26. A suit. Just for the challenge. Can I make a suit that’s nice enough to wear to work? (Done! part 1) (And part 2)
  27. Another Chardon skirt from Deer & Doe. I made one last year (with a lining added) in a lovely wool-silk (Creativ again) that is very light and very soft, but stands out like a bell. It was just perfect. I think the next one will be linen, for summer, with the band and the ties instead of the belt loops. Apparently I want to make everything from linen right now.
  28. Frances’s grade 5 grad dress. Light blue rayon with sparkly trim. (Done!)
  29. A Moneta dress for me (Done!) And another, sleeveless one. (Done!)
  30. Some knit shirts for me. (Done and Done!) (And then done again.)
  31. Something out of the leftover ombre pink silk.
  32. Work-appropriate shorts. (Done!) (And done again!)
  33. A Hollyburn skirt. Yes, I have jumped on the Hollyburn bandwagon.
  34. A silk shift or wrap dress.
  35. The McCall faux-wrap dress. (Done!)
  36. A bra. Just for the challenge. And maybe for the cost savings.
  37. A leather pencil skirt. (Done!)
  38. Blue jeans for Frances (Done-ish?)
  39. Blue jeans for me. Or maybe red jeans or silver jeans or what have you. (Done!)
  40. Comfy quilted-knit sweatshirts for Frances and me (Done! for me; but the fabric was not very impressive and I decided not to make one for Frances.)
  41. A duffel bag for Frances. (Done! But not blogged as, alas, it is permanently in her school locker now.)
  42. A floral fitted jacket for me.
  43. Another sheath dress, that isn’t botched. (Done!)
  44. A better suit.
  45. My Ideal Work Pants (Done!)
  46. Cotton pyjamas for Frances. (Done! –but not blogged)
  47. A suede a-line skirt. (Done!)
  48. A pleated circle skirt (Done!)
  49. More work shorts
  50. A silk blouse (or three).
  51. Yoga pants for  Frances
  52. A couple of Madeleine Ponte tops (one done–but the pattern needs pretty substantial modifications to work for me, so argh)

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